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7 Simple Ways + 1 Bonus To Deter Home Burglaries
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7 Simple Ways + 1 Bonus To Deter Home Burglaries

The thought of someone lurking around your house in the wee hours of the night is enough to deprive anyone of restful sleep.

It’s also the reason many people sleep with guns and bats close to their beds—because they fear that burglars will come after them at night when they are most vulnerable. Even worse, none of the neighbors will be awake to hear or witness your demise.

However, you might be surprised to know that the burglars who live in our imaginations and in the movies we watch—donning dark ski masks and slipping through broken windows in the middle of the night—are not at all an accurate depiction of real burglars or burglaries. Not even close.

SC Home Burglary

When do most burglaries occur?

The most popular season and time for burglaries is summer, specifically July and August. Contrary to common belief, most burglaries don’t take place in the cloak of darkness, but in broad daylight. Plus, unlike how we often imagine, burglars don’t typically sneak in through back doors or windows; they often use the front door, just like your friends. In any case, the thought of your home being burglarized, day or night, is not a pleasant one.

What do most burglars want?

When a burglar decides to break into a home, usually he or she is after something specific. The list of items most commonly sought includes prescription drugs, guns, cash or anything valuable that can be easily removed from your home, like expensive jewelry or electronics.

Do I need a security system?

A great way to prevent or minimize the likelihood of a break-in is to invest in a security system. However, security systems can be extremely expensive, which makes them equally as unappealing for a lot of people.

In 2013, the average cost of installing a security system was between $600 to $1200, with monthly monitoring costs ranging from $15/month to as high as $100/month. Due to the steep costs of these systems, many people are forced to depend on other means of safety to protect their homes and families from the lurking danger of break-ins. The good news is that other effective measures exist.

7 Simple Inexpensive Ways to Deter Home Theft

If security systems are not a viable option for your budget, there are other simple, more cost effective ways you can help keep your home safe from burglars. Below is a list of seven options you can consider to maintain the safety of your home and family.

1. Locks

One of the first things you should consider investing in are sturdier locks.

Deadbolts are key. Unlike the simpler spring bolt locks, the locking mechanism in deadbolts is a lot more difficult to get through, in that you cannot rotate or open the lock without the use of an actual key. In other words, this type of lock is more resistant to entry.

If you’re looking for something even sturdier and more reliant than deadbolts, consider using the Ultimate Lock System. This system significantly decreases the chances of a successful break-in through many different features that ensure ultimate safety. The Ultimate Lock System:

  • is up to 35 times more resistant to entry
  • allows you to lock out even people who have keys to it
  • contains anti-bump security pins, which means burglars can’t use a bump key to undo the lock
  • resists up to 4000 pounds of force through the use of special lock plates, which bolt directly to the door frame for added resistance

2. Dogs, Large or Small

They may be man’s best friend, but they are also a burglar’s worst enemy.

Dogs can be a great deterrent to burglars and can often sense when something is not quite right. Small dogs in particular are “yappers,” which means that they bark a lot and can be effective at scaring away possible burglars simply by their loud and persistent barking.

Large dogs often bark less. However, their size can be a positive factor when it comes to scaring away burglars.

3. Signs

Signs are often a good way to turn off burglars. Ones that read “Beware of Dog” serve as an effective warning for burglars, who don’t like the noise or attention dogs garner from neighbors and passersby.

Security signs are also an effective way to reduce your home’s chances of a break-in. Likely burglars will opt for the homes that have less security or chances of noise or trouble. Most burglaries last about ten minutes, which indicates that burglars aim to be in and out in as little time as possible. This also means that they’ll likely steer away from homes that pose any obvious obstacles or hassles that might cause them delays or risk them getting caught.

4. Motion Lights

Like noise, lights are also an unwelcome disturbance for burglars, who dislike any sort of attention to their illegal activities. Motion lights, therefore, are an effective and inexpensive option to halt thieves in their tracks. These types of lights flicker on any time motion is detected in a specific area where the sensors of the lights are focused. The best part is, the lights don’t take long to install and can be placed anywhere you want them, whether that be outside the perimeters of your home or even inside.

5. Inside lights controlled by a timer

It’s easy to get swept into the excitement of vacationing, especially in the summer months, but burglars often bank on these occasions to strike. To keep burglars away, consider placing timers on indoor lights that are visible from the exterior of your home. Lights in the foyer, kitchen, living room, dining room or other rooms that face windows can be timed to turn on and off at specified intervals. The “natural” lighting change gives burglars the illusion that someone is home even when you’re away.

6. Surveillance cameras with WiFi

You can also consider installing surveillance cameras with WiFi, which allow you to keep watch on your home and children even when you’re away. Surveillance cameras can be purchased at most home goods stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s and are pretty easy to set up.

7. Expose hidden areas around the house

Large bushes and trees around your home can lure burglars; after all, thieves love areas where they can remain concealed until they’re able to break in. By maintaining your shrubs and making them less hider-friendly, you can help lower your chances of having burglars consider your home for a future break-in.

Bonus tip: Close garage doors

It might seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many break-ins can happen because of something as simple as forgetting to close the garage door. Garages are a peek into the homes of homeowners and can inadvertently expose a person’s possessions and wealth. Shoes, equipment and even pricey cars can reveal a lot to a burglar on the prowl. So be sure to remove any eye candy from your garage and keep the doors to this common entry point closed whenever possible.

Like most incidents in life, burglaries are not a hundred percent preventable. By implementing basic measures, you can decrease the likelihood of having your home and family become the targets and victims of a burglary.

Safety should never be compromised or delayed. As professionals in the lock industry, we understand customers’ desire to protect their families without spending beyond their means on elaborate security systems. As a result, we design and offer a variety of secure lock options to suit a range of budgets.

To learn more about our products and services and how they can better help safeguard your home and family, call us at 803.794.5844 or contact us through our online “contact us” form.

We look forward to helping you protect your greatest assets—your family and home.

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